Coaching Record Table
Season School Conf W L Conf W-L Notes
CareerOverall902371.70942 years
ArmyMen's10250.6716 years
IndianaMen's662239.73529 years
Texas TechMen's13882.6277 years
1965-66ArmyInd188 NIT - 4th Place
1967-68ArmyInd205 NIT
1968-69ArmyInd1810 NIT - 4th Place
1969-70ArmyInd226 NIT - 3rd Place
1971-72IndianaBig Ten1789-5 (t3)NIT
1972-73IndianaBig Ten22611-3 (1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Tournament - Final Four
1973-74IndianaBig Ten23512-2 (t1)Big Ten Champions; CCAT Champion
1974-75IndianaBig Ten31118-0 (1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Tournament - Elite Eight
1975-76IndianaBig Ten32018-0 (1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Champion
1976-77IndianaBig Ten161111-7 (5)
1977-78IndianaBig Ten21812-6 (2)NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
1978-79IndianaBig Ten221210-8 (5)NIT Champion
1979-80IndianaBig Ten21813-5 (1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
1980-81IndianaBig Ten26914-4 (1)Big Ten Champion; NCAA Champion
1981-82IndianaBig Ten191012-6 (t2)NCAA Tournament - Round of 32
1982-83IndianaBig Ten24613-5 (1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
1983-84IndianaBig Ten22913-5 (3)NCAA Tournament - Elite Eight
1984-85IndianaBig Ten19147-11 (7)NIT - Runner up
1985-86IndianaBig Ten21813-5 (2)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
1986-87IndianaBig Ten30415-3 (t1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Champion
1987-88IndianaBig Ten191011-7 (5)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
1988-89IndianaBig Ten27815-3 (1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
1989-90IndianaBig Ten18118-10 (7)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
1990-91IndianaBig Ten29515-3 (t1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
1991-92IndianaBig Ten27714-4 (2)NCAA Tournament - Final Four
1992-93IndianaBig Ten31417-1 (1)Big Ten Champions; NCAA Tournament - Elite Eight
1993-94IndianaBig Ten21912-6 (3)NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
1994-95IndianaBig Ten191211-7 (t3)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
1995-96IndianaBig Ten201112-6 (t2)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
1996-97IndianaBig Ten22119-9 (t6)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
1997-98IndianaBig Ten20129-7 (t5)NCAA Tournament - Round of 32
1998-99IndianaBig Ten23119-7 (t3)NCAA Tournament - Round of 32
1999-00IndianaBig Ten20910-6 (5)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
2001-02Texas TechBig 1223910-6 (t3)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
2002-03Texas TechBig 1222136-10 (t7)NIT - 3rd Place
2003-04Texas TechBig 1223119-7 (t5)NCAA Tournament - Round of 32
2004-05Texas TechBig 12221110-6 (4)NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
2005-06Texas TechBig 1215176-10 (t7)
2006-07Texas TechBig 1221139-7 (5)NCAA Tournament - Round of 64
2007-08Texas TechBig 121283-3 (t6)record/standing at time of retirement
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