Coach Knight has touched a lot of people's lives on and off the basketball court. We have created a place for you to share your memory with Coach and others.

Dear Coach,

When I was a little girl, I wanted to write a paper about you for school. My Dad helped me write you a letter requesting an interview (which was never going to happen). To my surprise, you actually mailed me back a few signed copies of Indiana basketball magazines. I was probably around 10 years old and absolutely THRILLED! I still have those magazines locked away in my IU memory chest, along with dozens of other priceless memorabilia from your era.

Words cannot explain just how important you are to all of us fans, but please know that you are the reason that Indiana basketball is Indiana basketball.

Thank you for the glorious memories.

Courtney Bakes | Sugar Land, TX

Thanks coach for your hard work and providing incredible results for us. You’ve provided such great memories for all IU fans! Memories we’ll have our entire lives and will pass onto generations to come!

Ed Payntor | Carmel, IN

Thank You Coach Knight! , IU 1987 my senior year - I was in New Orleans ! WoW ! My dad raised me an IU fan and that meant Bob Knight and IU basketball ! We even hung our Red Raiders Flag ! Love you!

Steve Walsh and Steve Sr. | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Absolutely the most competitive and inspiring coach in college basketball history. He is a man I look up to. I grew up in Connersville and now live in Ky looking at all this hideous blue. Thank you coach for all the great memories.

David Joest | Versailles, KY

Love Ya Coach!!!

Thomas Scott | New Albany, IN

Hi Coach,

Growing up in Marion, Indiana, basketball was everything, particularly IU basketball. You have and continue to mean so much to me and my family. We are all IU alum and I first remember you from the 1975 season. My freshman year at IU we won again in 1981. I never thought I’d be a basketball coach myself, yet here I am after 20 years. I use your motion offense and man defense, tweaking things to make it my own. Your quotes, humor, and philosophy on life continue to resonate today. I may have moved to California, yet I’ll always be a Hoosier.

Gene Schnar | Anaheim Hills, CA

Coach Knight had a profound impact on me as a young boy. He and the great 70’s and 80’s teams are 100% responsible for my great love of basketball, the reason I became a fan of the game, and the reason I played the game with passion, determination and love (even if I wasn’t the most athletic or skilled player). He taught me to play hard, and prepare harder. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was one of the greatest lessons I could have learned. . I appreciate Coach for not only his success on the court (there was so much of it); but equally for the life lessons he taught off the court. The discipline in which he game planned and prepared for a game, and the standards he expected out of himself and his teams, are just some of the things I learned watching and listening to him that have helped me be successful in life and business.

Coach is a legend and hero to me for more reasons than the W’s and X’s and O’s on the court,. Wishing Coach and the entire Knight family the best and may God Bless them all.

#HoosierForLife #ThankYouForEverythingCoach

Scott Taylor | Davie, FL

I’ve been a coach Knight fan my whole life. I’ve been coaching the last 15 years and used Coach’s philosophy every time. I’ve coached so many athletes during these years. I know I’ve made a difference in their lives just as Coach has done for his players. I’ve always looked up to Coach Knight and can’t thank him enough for what he has done for the game of basketball and beyond. I coached my players hard to be the best players on the court but also as a human being, just as Coach Knight did. I always hope I made a difference in a players life, just like Coach Knight has done with all of his players. God Bless Coach Knight.

JD Feaster | Lafayette, IN

As a foreign student coming to IU for college, I didn’t know anything about basketball. But it didn’t take long to become a die hard fan of Coach Knight and IU Basketball. Coach Knight was the best basketball ever, period. But the most important achievements of Coach Knight was not the winning, but as a coach of life. He only wanted players who would play the right way. He brought out the best out of his players, often time more than the players saw in themselves. Most importantly, always ran a clean program.

Coach, thank you for all the great memories at Indiana! Your influence is more than on the basketball court or sports. You will always be remembered as one of the greatest teachers! Thank you again for being our coach!

John Ng | Boyds, MD

Coach Knight. My husband and I will always remember our time at the end of season banquets on the floor of Assembly Hall and the wonderful speeches you and the players would make. Food was okay too! Hope you are doing well Coach.

Debra Englert | Bloomington , IN

My favorite memories at IU will always belong to Coach Knight and the undefeated basketball team (1975-1976). It was my first year at IU and I will never forget the celebration as well as how proud I was to be a part of this great University! Thank you Coach Knight and God Bless! #Hoosierpride

Margaret Churilla | Clearwater, FL

Oddly, the School of Library Science graduate students couldn’t publicly defame Indiana basketball or Coach Knight. At least not around me! Coach Knight was a stickler about his players getting their degrees. When he Coach, there was a small admission charge to Hoosier Hysteria. All of the proceeds went to the library. He felt that strongly about education. When Herman B. Wells died, the university named the main library after him. In my mind, it should be the Robert M Knight Library. He was so much more than a basketball coach. In the current era of college basketball scandals, Bobby Knight’s name needs to become a household word, and parents should install those standards in the minds of their young athletes.

Valerie Elliott | Ellettsville, IN

Some of my best memories in college from 1991 to 1995 were attending basketball games at Assembly Hall, and seeing Coach night at the helm. My dad was always a huge fan even though he didn't attend IU, and he introduced me to Indiana basketball and Coach Knight. I have to admit my college decision was influenced by this.

Kathleen McCarter | Centreville, VA

Will always remember the way Coach Knight's teams played. They weren't always the most athletic but they made up for it in their effort, teamwork, playing smart and defending. Together they won and they won often. His players exemplified what a student-athlete should be and Coach prepared them for life beyond basketball. One of the greatest teachers of the game and appreciate what he has meant to so many.

Jason | Fort Wayne, IN